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Venera Tabakin

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Ms Venera Tabakin is a London based fashion designer.

Originally from Uzbekistan, Ms Tabakin moved to Russia in 1985 to study tailoring at a top fashion college in Yekaterinburg. In 2002 got married and moved to London with her family. Being inspired by a vibrant and multicultural city Venera decided to join the London College of Fashion. in 2007 graduated with an ABC Diploma in Pattern Design and moved to Thailand to start her own label "Sashiko".

She brought her fresh signature style to Phuket - the feminine Monaco of Thailand - where wealthy and beautiful women (including local and international celebrities) strive on lavish lifestyle. There are ongoing charity fashion shows in Thailand Phuket. Venera took part in many of them.

In 2011 Venera moved back to London and started own Bespoke studio and Online shop.

Her passion is designing clothing for special occasion for women of all ages inspired by the charm of art, ethnography, nature and architecture.
Venera's motto: Feminine and Sexy.

Unique designs that will enhance your femininity enable you to express your true nature. Venera create a unique type of stitching and embellishment.